The international contemporary furniture fair is a must see exhibit for those that are looking for new and innovative products in the world of contemporary design.  The show has a collection of exhibitors from around the world including Europe, Japan, UK, Australia and North America.  Held in the Javits centre is it no small show to walk through but it can be a delight for the senses.

My top five selects:

A dollhouse-size chandelier, in a light bulb-shaped hanging lamp (like a ship in a bottle), based in England. This company also creates some fantastic wall papers which clearly have a stronghold in the market once more witnessing the amount of wall covering to be seen at the show.  This little light was a great little surprise and perfect for those that love “details”

Pic 1

Blustone which is a Vancouver based company founded by Canadian desigher Michael Gottschalk brought a black carved pedestal sink as part of a collection of pieces available.  The carving of the sink makes it a beautiful piece to look at as a piece of sculpture to the bathroom as well as having all of the function of a sink, where the plumbing is well hidden so as not to interrupt the lines of this beautiful piece.  The black collection was particularly great to see!                               

pic 2


Jeremy Cole who creates some extraordinary lighting that could grace a large dining room of be a peice of art in a corner brought an amazing piece called White flox.  One of the great things abou the show is that you can often speak to the designers who conceived and created the pieces.  In conversation he let me know that he had seen an artist show of porcelain works that inspired his own work and that he has since met and been congratulated by his inspiration .  This fixture is created with individual pieces of porcelain that are hung from a central hanger.  Although the weight is approximately 40 to 50 pounds, the resulting look is worth the effort.                                                                   

pic 3

Form labs brought a 3d printer to the show which would otherwise not be particularly interesting, however this one was a personal home printer that came at a total of 3200 US Dollars to find itself in your home.  I have seen these kinds of printers in the past and while they do produce a relatively basic shape, they rarely provide a great deal of detail.  This was pretty well done!

pic 4

Blanco new sink which should be launched here in Canada fairly soon is the Modex.  The lines of the sink sit above the counter top making the entire sink an architectural detail of the kitchen.  The fact that it sits proud of the countertop in a variety of silgranit colours so will likely work best on an island application and be a fantastic feature to the island.  I particularly loved the two way slope that is built into the sink that acts as a drain board, perfect for washing vegetables or drying pots and pans while keeping all of the water contained to the sink.                                             

Pic 5

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