The Importance of Styling

When it comes to design, most people think of the finishes; the cabinets, counter tops, flooring, wall colour and furniture items. What really makes a space is how you can pull it together with accessories and the right styling. It takes a keen eye on making items work together and you can really make a space come alive.



The lemons ties the area with the backsplash to the cooktop area improving flow

Walking the design show, what really caught my eye is how everything was styled to perfection. Accessories placed just right and objects grouped together to make an impactful vignette. Most of us don’t really think about it, but these small touches make a big difference.



There is a fine line between what looks well styled and over the top. You have to know when you stop and say enough is enough. It is an art but as you can see from my photos, the right styling can really transform a space.



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