Aly Velji at The Living Kitchen Show in Cologne, Germany – Highlights Part 1

Being at the show in Cologne really opened my eyes to the fabulous new trends that I really hope to see coming to Canada. One of the big ones, which is also my favourite and something I must incorporate into all of my interiors is the introduction of patterns and textures in a space. Now, for most, you would think this can be done through fabrics, which is very true. At the show however, I was seeing pattern and texture introduced in tile, flooring, hardwood, backsplashes and other wall coverings. I even saw it on kitchen cabinets and counter tops. I feel it makes a space feel more dynamic and put together. It is the last details that really make the space feel cohesive otherwise, it just looks bland and boring.

Here are some of my photos that I found to be the best in introducing pattern and texture!
Patterns and Textures

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