The Living Kitchen Show with Andrew Pike: Part 1 – Lighting Strikes

Last week I had the honor and the privilege to be able to attend the Living Kitchen show in Cologne, Germany. Not only was it a great treat to be back in a city that I lived in for 5 years almost a decade ago, (Which makes me wonder just how old that makes me….), but I was able to tour it with superstar designers Aly Velji from Calgary and Cheryl Torrenueva from Toronto, and Blanco Uber host (see what I did there?!) Diana Elliott. What we saw was absolutely MIND blowing. Let’s start with the show itself…

For those of you who have been to some of these large scale trade shows, the first thing I need to mention is that this show is absolutely enormous.The Living Kitchen Show is just one part of IMM (International Meuble Messe, or International Furniture Fair in English). Covering over almost a dozen halls, there was so much to see and do it would have taken us an entire week to see everything. We focused on the Kitchen portion first, and the calibre was unreal. It didn’t in any way have the feel of a temporary show. It was so well done that it felt more like touring permanent showrooms. This was the view of the Blanco booth when you first walked in:

LK Blanco

Amazing! What an opening!! It was a giant wave that you walked under and it was raining in front of the Blanco sign. And just as if that wasn’t cool enogh, they had created a faucet “garden” that looked like crystals:

LK Blanco Faucets

It was just so well done, and we were only there for 5 minutes and already feeling overwhelmed…

We continued on our tour, and at every turn there was something fascinating, new and different. Check out these glass shelves in a kitchen cabinet that have led strips in the back to illuminate them. So simple yet so effective:

LK Shelves

Lighting seemed to play a large part in alot of the designs shown at the fair. Another supplier had led strips that were constantly changing colour under the reveal of a countertop. (Notice as well that the 1cm profile is still popular in Europe, but has not really caught on here in North America yet.)

LK Lit Counter

I also loved the lighting in the storage niche under this counter unit. It just pops it so well and it becomes a total feature as opposed to just a lower storage level:

LK Lit Storage

But wait!! It gets even better!! Not only is the design of this extractor fan super clean and different, but the addition of the lighting behind it makes it a real showstopper!!

LK Back Wall

And all this in the first 20 minutes of the show.  More to come.


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