KDC’s Favorite 3 From the Living Kitchen Show in Cologne, Germany

Last week, BLANCO’s Kitchen Design Council traveled to Cologne, Germany for the Living Kitchen Show.  There, they were able to check out the latest trends and styles. Now that they are back in Canada and have had time to reflect, we’ve asked them what their Favorite 3 was…the 3 things that most piqued their designer interests.


Aly Velji

  1. Organic Trend- the organic trend was in full swing at the Living Kitchen Show in Cologne. You were seeing hints of this trend from accessories to actual cabinetry. Giving a space a sense of texture, I feel it adds so much character to a space. The look is bold and unique and pairs perfectly with modern spaces.
    Aly F1
  2. Blancoattika XL 60- a top mounted bowl is sleek and contemporary. It is a modern vessel sink that looks sophisticated, stream-lined and sexy. The newest in kitchen sink design, I feel this sink is ahead of its time.
    Aly F2
  3. Spicy notes- colours such as mustard and cayenne are making a bold statement in design. We are moving away from the bold citrusy brights and embracing colours that are rich and have substance.

    Aly F3


Andrew Pike

  1. I was absolutely blown away by this faucet from blanco! It is so sleek and modern, and the black sleeve is actually the temperature and the volume control. I love it because it is probably the cleanest looking faucet I’ve ever seen. Sure hope it comes to Canada sometime soon!!
    Andrew 1
  2. This glass countertop blew my mind!! We always talk about keeping things neutral but there was definitely a trend at the show to make things pop and stand out as opposed to blend in. I live it because its so contrary to everything we so here. Can you picture his in an all black kitchen with this as the only colour?! HOT!!!
    Andrew 2
  3. Are these not the cutest vases ever?! Made out of creased bags, they caught my eye for being so different and innovative. I love them because it allows you to play with the shape and change it up depending on your mood. Just remember to always put a water safe vessel inside them first. They are essentially just paper bags after all!!
    Andrew 3

Cheryl Torrenueva

    At first glance, you would think this faucet is all about form before function. Everything you need to interact with this fashionable faucet is cleverly integrated into the matte black control sleeve. This futuristic control moves forward and back, left to right to give you the perfect temperature and pressure that you need. I can see this piece doing really well for the modern design lover that craves the minimalist lifestyle. Anyway you look at it, this is a showstopper that will be the highlight at every dinner party!
    Cheryl 1
    Last year, we saw uber thin worktops as one of the hottest trends in kitchen design. For 2013, we’re seeing these super sleek lines being stacked on top of each other creating a more playful kitchen. Here we have back painted glass cut to define the washing area and installed right on top of a faux stone laminate worktop. A great way to add a pop of colour and elegance to a neutral countertop without having to replace the entire piece.
    Cheryl 2
    Black is definitely back! Whether it’s an entire wall unit in varying shades of charcoal grey, ebony and matte black, to the pops of black used in a decorative bowl on the kitchen counter. The sleek addition of black creates dramatic contrast with both neutrals and pops of colour. Black adds sophistication and a mysterious element to any space. These are the types of spaces that any Bond Girl would appreciate!
    Cheryl 3


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