Design Resolutions for the New Year

Design Resolutions.

It’s the beginning of the New Year and time to make our resolutions.  Let’s see what design resolutions the Kitchen Design Council has for 2013. Andrew and Cheryl are committed to making bold statements this year and the boys agreed on one design element they wanted to incorporate (could this be a design trend for 2013?), but Aly said it first so he gets it!

Aly Velji

For 2013 my design resolution is to use more gold accents! Anything from polished brass to burnished. I think it really adds something different to a design palette. I have been seeing infusions of gold in lighting, hardware, and furniture and I really want to start incorporating this into some of my designs in the coming year, it is fun and unexpected!

Gold Accents


Andrew Pike

ALY VELJI!!! I was HONESTLY going to say the same thing, as I currently have two clients that I’m doing aged brass and bright bronze furniture and accents for, but you stole my metallic thunder…

For 2013 I want to take bigger design leaps in my personal life. I do different and innovative things for clients every day, and am always thrilled with the results, as are they. But I do tend to play it safe at home and live in neutrals and calm spaces. We live in a world that is fixated on resale in the housing market, and the return on investment based on design improvements. But this year as I renovate, I want to do things that I love and make me smile, regardless of what other people think or how it will affect the resale price in the future. Because let’s face it, who am I designing this house for, me or someone else who’s not going to like everything I’ve done anyway?!


Corey Klassen

Boys, We ALL like gold. Three for three on brass.

I am inspired by a mantra of “three” this New Year – three materials, three new uses of something, repetition in three’s, three lofty goals. Whether that means using a naturalistic wood, stone, and glass theme, working with millwork that is three different species and stains, three fabrics I would not normally pair together, or a personal goal of three running races, I am using this mantra as my design cohesion and my steady beat for 2013.

Example of 3 different stains of wood in the kitchen

Cheryl Torrenueva

This year, I’m going to push myself and “Break the rules” of design; throwing out some of the designer tricks that I’ve stuck to over the past decade. Rules were made to be broken and since the wheel is constantly being reinvented, I would like to really take some big risks! One thing I’ve learned since I’ve been designing restaurants in the USA is that there will always be someone that doesn’t like what you do. I feel that it’s important to not let that interrupt the design process and you always have to go with your instinct! My first rule to break…”choose a neutral shade for your big investment pieces and add a pop of colour”. Been there done that! It’s not just about thinking outside the box, it’s about constantly challenging yourself as a designer and making bold statements.

Photos courtesy of Cheryl Torrenueva

Kevin Brooks

To echo a more natural and organic harmony through design; introduce balance and openness by infusing spaces with elements such as natural light and crisp, clean full spectrum lighting, and by incorporating more original pieces and finishings in reclaimed and repurposed materials.
Reclaimed Wood

I want to influence an environmental/sustainable consciousness while creating living spaces that enrich and excite the senses and inspire an ongoing commitment to the natural world.


Thanks Guys! I will be following up with you guys in half a year to see if you follow through!




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