What is the Real Meaning of Boxing Day?

When most of us think of “Boxing day”, shopping and “great deals” is the first thing that comes to our mind.  Second to that for some, is electronics, or “Best Buy”.  But before it was fighting through the crowd for the best sales and discounts, what was boxing day?


Logically, one would assume that Boxing day, following Christmas Day would mean a day for  boxing up the Christmas decorations for another year or maybe throwing away (recycling) boxes that the presents came in, but would that require  it to be a holiday?

I did a little digging.

Boxing Day originated in in England.  Servants and tradespeople would have to work on Christmas day, so they would get the day after off to visit family and friends to celebrate. Gifts and money would be placed in boxes to take home with them as a thank you for all their hard work during the year.  It eventually became a day to give to those who are needy as well.

So instead of fighting through the overcrowded shopping, maybe we should let our bosses know what we want in our gift boxes for Boxing Day*

*Not responsible for any outcomes should anyone try this

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