A Simple Solution to Limited Storage Space

Like many people in Toronto these days, I bought a new condominium. It seems like I have struggled to organize my walk-in closet since I moved in. The most frustrating issue I have with new condos is the lack of storage space! So I am always on the lookout for a solution to help solve my storage dilemma…One that does not require me downsizing my wardrobe, that is :O)

I stopped in to see a friend at Dekla (DEKLA.CA) last week to get some information about their stunning cabinetry collection and I saw the neatest hanger.

LEMA extension hanger

This extension hanger by LEMA (lemamobili.com) is a simple solution to maximize the amount of useable hanging space in your closet. Sure it looks simple but I believe there is a lot of weight to the oft quoted adage of “keep it simple stupid”.

Since the majority of condos have ceiling heights of at least 9 feet, we often have a ton of wasted space in the upper region of the few closets that we do have. Those condo dwellers know what I am talking about.

We can use this type of hanger and can raise one hanging rod as close to the ceiling as we like. We wouldn’t have to worry about a needing step ladder or struggling to get at the pieces you hang. It just makes it easy and convenient. You can store items that you don’t frequently wear like winter coats and special outfits.

There may even be some room left over for the stack of jean jackets and plaid shirts you save. Maybe like me, you are a pack rat… and you know that someone is bound to have a 90’s themed birthday party that you can wear your white washed denim and your oh-so-still-comfortable Doc Martin’s to. :O)

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