The Kitchen Backsplash Quick Fix!

Sometimes you don’t need to renovate the ENTIRE kitchen to make a great change. I had a client recently who moved into a gorgeous relatively new home with a fabulous high-end kitchen. There is really nothing wrong with it, it’s just very neutral (which I LOVE, by the way…), but they find it all a little too calm and wanted a little punch somewhere. It didn’t take me long to suggest the obvious: We change out the feature tile in the backsplash behind the stove.

The entire backsplash is currently an ivory subway tile with a picture frame detail behind the stove. Lovely, but simple.

Photo of backsplash tile behind stove. Photo, Andrew Pike Interiors.

We discussed the options, and to me this made the most sense. Why rip out the entire backsplash when someone has already provided us with the perfect 2’ x 3’ space in which we are free to create?! It’s perfect, really. We don’t need to change everything, and the damage to the kitchen will be minimal, and easy to remove and replace in one day. So now the question remains: What are we going to do with your new found canvas?!

I started looking for tiles that would fit nicely with the colour scheme of ivory, creams, and warm browns. I also wanted to be sure that it was a nice compliment to the quartz countertops in a warm mushroom colour.

Photo of existing countertops in home. Photo Andrew Pike.

I wanted it to blend, but also stand out. I wanted it to ‘pop’, but not too much. I wanted it to compliment, but also to show off. So trying to accomplish all of these things and find the perfect tile, I set out into the great land of design to start my search. After a few hours, this was what I came up with.

Photo of tile samples. Photo Andrew Pike.

Photo of tile samples. Photo Andrew Pike.

I presented them to the client, and after much deliberation (and leaving the top 5 with her to allow her husband to have an input, which is something I’ll never understand…), this was the winner:

Photo of the tile selection. Photo Andrew Pike.

So we’re off to the races! I order the tile (available through Saltillo Tile, and costs $29.00 per square foot) and have it delivered to the job site. We call in our tile installer and let him have at it. In only one day, this is the finished result.

Photo of altered backsplash. Photo Andrew Pike.

It amazes me how quickly this changes the kitchen. It’s complimentary and ties everything together. I am thrilled with the result, as is the client! One down, millions more to go…

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