Ideas for Integrating the TV in the Kitchen

While some people disagree on the issue of whether or not to add a TV to the kitchen—the heart of the home—others believe it can help bring families together. And with so much time spent in the kitchen, it’s not surprising that elements of the family room have made their way into the kitchen.

Forums I came across seem to suggest that it’s the female in the household who favours having a TV installed in the kitchen. Many of us already use laptops in the kitchen, so why not a TV? If you really want to get techie, you can even hook up your laptop to your TV so that hilarious YouTube video you are watching becomes fun for the whole family.

Other advantages are following cooking shows while preparing a recipe, listening to the news, catching up on your favourite TV series, while still able to whip up that batch of cupcakes for the school bake sale or preparing a quick snack for the last minute arrival of your kid’s friends.

There are many sleek LCD designs which can actually add to your kitchen decor (goodbye bulky tube sets from the past!) so that’s a good place to start. But here are some other elegant and even fun ideas to integrate the TV.

Wall mount example: (white to match the paint – almost blends in)

TV with stand example:

From wall mount, to countertop stand or under the cabinet options, choose what works for your setting. If you have a great deal of room, perhaps the countertop option is best. (plus you can put it away at any time)

Or if you are looking for a retro feel, try this rabbit-eared bright orange television set from LG, “The LG Serie 1 Retro Classic TV” (currently available only south in South Korea)

This space-saving flip-down TV from Philips is nice (except for the small screen) Features FM radio, cooking timer, and comes with a magnetic remote control.

However, this sleek flip down design from is truly fabulous! It features a 15” screen, integrated DVD player, usb port, HDMI output, to name a few. Comes in black, silver or white.

I personally would add a TV to my kitchen decor – my preference – wall mounted with a swivel arm so that the TV can be directed towards the kitchen or the breakfast table.

Some inspirational designs integrating the TV

What is your take on whether TVs should be in the kitchen? Any different approaches or tips you could share?

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